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I worked for a non-profit organization in Utah that offers support and resources to juvenile offenders during and after incarceration.  As a new organization, the need for obtaining a curriculum specific to Utah's juvenile population has been a top priority.  I met Jan Booth after enrolling in two of her classes at Utah Valley University.  She would often teach us concepts from her personal experiences working and serving for many years within Utah's prison walls.  Jan has an in-depth knowledge of human nature, an aptitude for understanding the prison population, and an extraordinary ability to express herself.  She also understands and designs curricula skillfully, particularly for inmate populations.



I am currently employed as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Oregon. I have had the privilege of receiving instruction from Jan as an educator, friend, and colleague. My adolescent years were spent in turmoil as I struggled to process a number of traumatic events that I had experienced in my childhood. Incarceration, addiction, and destroyed relationships defined my young adulthood. Jan's magnificent ability to reach individuals like me was clear upon our first interaction. Without equivocation, I can attest to her unique ability to inspire others. Her course, "Becoming an Emotionally Savvy Adult: A Leadership Program for the Young Adult” offers a unique, groundbreaking curriculum designed to promote hope and facilitate change in young adults.  


Jan has a remarkable way of being able to reach students. As a student in undergraduate studies, I treasured each class I had an opportunity to take from her. She involves the students not only in theory but also in searching within themselves to find their own truths. She is an inspiring educator with an ability to bring out the absolute best in her students. She encourages self-discovery and for students to build upon theories that are already constructed and sound and find greater relevancy within them.

There are a handful of professors when you graduate that you remember, their lessons and their presence stay with you. Jan Booth is at the top of that list. It has been my boon to learn from her as a professor, my fortune to have her as a mentor, and a treasure to call her a friend. Rarely are such empathy, wisdom, and guidance given so freely.


I am a former student of Jan Booth. I took Personality Theory from her. I can remember thinking how dry the topic sounded by the class description, and I was pleasantly surprised after my first class with Jan. She is fun and has a lot of passion for all she does. Jan has also been a great help to me personally when I was struggling with my son who is on the autism spectrum. She has excellent insight and experience working with troubled youth. 


Shannon Pugmire

Youth Advocate

James Crandall – Previous Student

Ryan Gunderson

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor I - Qualified Mental Health Associate

Shannon Jewkes - Former Student 

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